What I'm Doing on My Summer Vacation

Whether my travels take me to the mountains or the sea, I often take my traveling easel along for the ride. Capturing favorite holiday scenery – whether it’s the majestic peaks of the Sierra Lakes Basin, swaying palms on a Big Island beach or the windswept coastline of Northern California – keeps the memories of the adventure fresh in my mind. Just a glance at the painting and I am transported back to a favorite getaway. Often the paintings I produce on vacation are completely unexpected, such as the small canvas on this page, “Summer Getaway.” This quaint little red cabin is located next to a cabin we visit each summer at a rustic lodge in the High Sierra. Normally I haul my easel, paints and canvases down to the lakeshore to capture the panoramic scenery of nearby mountain peaks during our week at the cabin. But on one particular day last summer, the winds were so fierce that I knew I’d be battling to keep my canvas from flying off my easel and into the lake. So I set up shop in the relative shelter of our cabin deck, glanced around for subject matter and set about painting the little red cabin next door. “Summer Getaway” has since become one of my favorite paintings, and I have a blustery summer day in the Sierra to thank for it.


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