Capturing the Fleeting Seasons

East Coast natives might argue the point, but those of us who've spent our lives here know that California does indeed offer seasonal variation -- even along the temperate coast. Right now in Sonoma County, yellow mustard blossoms are dancing between the vines in dormant vineyards and our rolling hills are finally turning vibrant shades of green thanks to recent rains.
Capturing these changes in scenery can be a challenge -- especially during autumn, winter and spring when one has to contend with wind and rain. Even trickier this year has been the effect that our unusual weather has had on the local landscape. Abundant rain early last fall resulted in bright green November fields more typical of winter and spring set against brilliant autumn foliage (The Autumn Poplar captures this anomaly). And up until last week, we'd had no rain (zip! zero!) for over six weeks, resulting in dusty gray hillsides instead of our typically verdant green ones. Thankfully, a little imagination, artistic license and a few tubes of paint can make up for what's lacking from Mother Nature!


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